Private, Personal, & Professional

Residential Substance Use Treatment

Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, CA

Novation provides comprehensive residential addiction treatment in a comfortable and private historic bayfront home on Balboa Peninsula.

Getting Over Addiction

Getting over addiction may not be an easy task but it’s doable. Keys to this are sobriety, time, and support. If we can build on these foundations, we can find lasting success. Sobriety as a key may seem obvious but drugs and alcohol wreak havoc on the brain and body in ways that make it hard to quit. The body and brain become dependent on a substance that without them can lead to withdrawals, and sometimes more lasting depression, anxiety, insomnia, and stress reactivity. This drives the unconscious to crave the substance to alleviate these symptoms.

It takes time for the brain and body to find a new balance free of drugs or alcohol. It takes dedication and self assessment to continually engage in daily awareness over time. Relapses may happen and the quicker you can return to sobriety, the better. Turn the relapse into opportunities of self discovery to carry forward. Find friends and family who are supportive and create space you can be open and honest in. Engage professional support to dig deeper into self exploration.

We know this is possible. It’s been done before. You can do it. Reach out to us or other support to help get you there.

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“Novation Center has been certified by My Rehab Recovery due to their alignment with the MRRN standards. With a high-level of clinical expertise, Novation Center has been responsible for transforming lives and improving the local community one person at a time.  We’re proud to have them in our network and give them our certified seal of approval.”

A Private & Personal

Place for Recovery

Novation’s residential treatment center is located in an historic house on the Balboa peninsula of Newport Beach, California.  The house sits facing the Newport Harbor with its own private dock.

  • Adults with substance use problems
  • 24 / 7 Consultation and Support
  • Group, individual and family therapy
  • Professional chef prepared meals
  • Fitness plan by personal trainers
  • Access to beach, surfing, sailing, and kayaking
  • Aftercare programming and management
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The Four Core Values to Addiction Treatment


Arriving at residential rehab, you may feel hopelessness, stripped down to your core. Novation staff provide the compassion and empathy you need at this vulnerable time.


You are our honored guest. Novation strives to provide a luxurious settting for recovery, including 5 star rooms and furniture, a personal chef, and fitness / wellness plan.


Education is vital to recovery. At Novation, you will develop skills to manage emotions, triggers and addiction. With this knowledge, your treatment team is setup to succeed.


Novation espouses treatment supported by scientific evidence. Our experienced team of professionals will develop the very best treatment plan for your individual case.

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