Client Testimonials
February 8, 2018

Depression & Anxiety: A Touching Testimonial from one of our Clients

Overcoming Depression & Anxiety is possible My stay began in December.  I had toured the house a week earlier and although the location and home were beautiful, I couldn’t grasp the…

Drug AddictionGeneral
January 30, 2018

The Effects of Marijuana and Drug Addiction in Teens

Addiction to Drugs and Marijuana Restricting Marijuana access until age 21 makes sense because it’s less harmful to developing brains; there are fewer Auto and work accidents and improved educational…

Treatment Modalities
January 23, 2018

EMDR and Addiction Recovery

How EMDR is effectively used in the treatment of Addiction by Mary Christie At Novation we use several different approaches to tailor psychotherapy to the needs of the individual client….

January 18, 2018

Reasons Alcoholics Drink

A Personal Story How many times have you heard “just stop”! “If you decide to quit you can”. “You just don’t care, if you did you would change your ways”….