72-Hour Evaluation

Residents coming to Novation will have evaluations done in various phases,

Prior to visit:

Prior to coming, an intake assessment is done to review clinical need. This will be an evaluation focused on current substance use history but will include an overview of social, developmental, legal, psychiatric and medical histories. The intake assessment will also be looking at current medical need and risk for drug and alcohol withdrawals. This evaluation will generally be done by our medical director and/or executive director.

Upon arrival at Novation:

On arrival at Novation, you can expect to have an evaluation done by our Milieu Coordinator which will assess for current medical risk for withdrawals as well as orient you to Novation Center. You will be expected to submit to a urine drug screen which may also be sent to a lab for confirmation.

Within the following 24 to 48 hours:

In the first 2 days at Novation we will want to get to know you as best we can to ensure we are directing care to you in the most appropriate ways. Assessments may include some or all of the following.

  • Clinical interview
  • Psychiatric assessment
  • Neuropsych testing
  • Medical assessment
  • Spiritual history
  • Physical fitness testing
  • Dietary and Nutritional assessment
  • Collaboration with referring providers and services
  • Clinical review of prior treatment records

Before the first three days are out, your treatment team will compile the above information and develop a treatment plan for your stay at Novation.  We ask that you be an active participant in this process as your input is the most valuable.  It is also you who will hopefully take this through the program and home with you to develop a new way of coping and dealing with your environment as well as taking care of yourself.