Overcoming Depression & Anxiety is possible

My stay began in December.  I had toured the house a week earlier and although the location and home were beautiful, I couldn’t grasp the process of how I would gain insight into my depression and finally learn how to deal with a variety of issues that left me paralyzed. 
I viewed my coming here as my last hope of getting better.  Scared, nervous and anxious; skeptical and afraid of failing, I wanted proof and reassurance that this would work!  From the very beginning I WAS assured that while on this journey of discovery, I would have all the support I needed.
The love, compassion and genuine concern for my well being was always front and center.  I started to learn about mindfulness.  It somewhat made sense.  Then on to distress tolerance.  I really tried hard to make sense of it all.  Was anything sticking?!  Everyone reassured me that in time it would sink in.  They could see it in me.  I just couldn’t see it in myself.  As week one turned into week three, I began to see things more clearly.  Suddenly, sitting in DBT I began to bounce concepts and ideas off of my fellow house guests. I began to feel really good about what I had learned so far. 

A Beautiful Breakthrough

About a week ago I woke up in the morning clear headed, confident.  I finally got it!!! I had made a huge breakthrough.  The first time in a long time that I could breath easy and looked forward to taking on the day.  I texted my whole family of this transformation.  Wow this feels great!!  And then, the very next morning, there was that slap in the face.  I was back to feeling awful.  How could that be?  I was sad, unmotivated, depressed and I felt defeated.  But with constant encouragement and learning to look at each day as half full not half empty, I’m beginning to see the light.  Don’t over analyze, stay in the moment. don’t judge.  Was it effective for me to wallow?  Nope. 
Today I felt great all day.  I’ve learned that I will always be a work in progress and today I accept that challenge.  Right now, in this moment, I’m taking advantage of this great feeling and ready to leave my beautiful room and my beautiful family. I want to go out into the world on a high! The great thing?  My family has grown. My Novation family will always be open, honest, sincere and have my best interest at heart.  I will miss you dearly and leaving is bitter sweet.

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