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Private, Secure, and Comfortable

Through a massive iron scrolled gate, past the entry garden, opening an antique planked door, step into a magical courtyard covered in 90 year old vines, bright with flowers, looking out to Balboa’s blue bay … welcome to Pazamor!

The home Novation provides is not only discreetly private, secure, and comfortable. It also embodies architectural distinction, enduring craftsmanship, playful creativity, and a historic legacy going back nearly a century. Like many custom-built estates of a century ago, this one has a name: Pazamor, a Spanish blend of “peace” and “love.”

A Historic Luxury Villa

One of California’s more significant and historic waterfront estates, this Spanish colonial villa stands head and shoulders above its neighbors as Balboa Peninsula Point’s tallest home. Built in 1925-28 of the finest materials, including genuine Malibu Potteries tile, thick masonry walls, and heavy hand-hewn beams, this architectural gem was designed by Wallace Neff, the “Architect of California’s Golden Age.”

Pazamor sits on a prime bayfront site, close to the ocean, yet enjoying a beautiful vista of Newport Harbor. It’s a block from the Peninsula Racquet Club, and a short walk to the surf of Balboa Beach. Four stories tall, with 360º views of the ocean, bay, Catalina Island, Palos Verdes, Dana Point, and city lights, this structure could never be replicated under current height restrictions.

In 2005 the original villa was completely restored, saving the best of the beautiful old features and adding modern safety, convenience and luxury. Today the house retains all of its unique charm and historic landmark status while sacrificing none of the comforts of the 21st Century.

Wallace Neff

“Architect of California’s Golden Age”

Wallace Neff is perhaps the most influential of the 20th Century architects responsible for California’s Spanish Colonial Revival. His interpretive and inventive style has been described as “more than the others, all sorts of opposite qualities at once; it is grand and intimate, chaste and flamboyant, modest and sumptuous.” The City Observed Los Angeles, 1984

Neff’s fifty year career attracted many celebrity clients including Cary Grant, Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, Jack Lemmon, Red Skelton, Darryl Zanuck, Douglas Fairbanks, and many others. Today that legacy carries on with recent owners including Diane Keaton, Madonna, Brad Pitt, and others who prize these irreplaceable legacies of “California’s Golden Age.”

One of only two homes in Orange County designed by Neff, Pazamor was built “on top” of a smaller, earlier 1925 design by owner C. Harold Hopkins, himself an AIA architect. Hopkins had intended to use the property only for a summer getaway, but after staying there for a summer he decided he didn’t want to leave! He enlisted Neff, a personal friend, to improve and enlarge the original design in 1928. Hopkins lived in the home until his death many decades later.

Pazamor is the most recent restoration by Novation co-founder Rodger Cosgrove. Cosgrove’s several past restorations include a transformation of a 1943 Army Air Force chemical warfare warehouse into a state-of-the-art R&D facility called “the best adaptive re-use of a military property in the state.” He also completed a comprehensive structural, functional, and aesthetic restoration of “America’s Favorite Victorian,” David Morey’s 1890 masterpiece “Hermosa Vista” in Redlands, California.

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